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Cup Cube – Concentrated Ultraviolet Phototherapy

CUP Cube

CUP Cube stands for Concentrated Ultraviolet Phototherapy. This unique device opens up a whole new range of possibilities in the field of phototherapy.


• Flexible light guide for pinpoint irradiation
• Short exposure times through highly concentrated UV energy
• UVAPUR or SUP® with convenient filter attachment
• Almost loss-free transmission of UV energy
• Convenient tabletop device
• Optionally available foot switch
• Accurate, integrated timer



Maximum Flexibility

An approx. 150 cm long flexible light guide transmits the light even to hard-to-reach areas of the body. The therapy area is variable, and managed by distance – it can be varied from one to ten centimetres in diameter.

Time Saver

The highly accurate irradiation protects the surrounding skin and allows for an efficient high-energy treatment. Exposure times are exceptionally short, often within seconds, and allow for a fast and comfortable therapy sessions.

Unique Design

The therapy spectra’s SUP® and UVAPUR are both provided in a single device. With its extended longevity and ease of use the CUP Cube offers a cost-efficient alternative to excimer lasers for vitiligo treatments.

Phototherapy to the point

The CUP Cube provides a targeted application of pinpoint irradiation. An approximately 100 cm long flexible light conductor bundles the energy from the light source and transmits it to the treated lesion. The surrounding skin area is protected, and the therapy area can be treated with highly effective energies. The therapy spectra’s SUP® and UVAPUR are both provided. The two spectral ranges are separated by a filter, which is incorporated in a special attachment that can be simply engaged to the tip of the light conductor.

The flexible light conductor allows application in otherwise difficult to access body cavities (e.g. oropharyngeal area, auditory canal, genital area), and is also suitable for localized areas such as finger nails.

The irradiation area can be varied from one to five centimeters in diameter depending upon the distance. Short exposure times, often in seconds, allow a fast and comfortable therapy. A repeated start is possible for the treatment of several lesions in a row.

Available options:

Comfortable Foot Switch, Precise CUP Cube Spacer


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