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Heathfield A Simple Chair With All The Answers

Heathfield a simple chair with all the answers

Heathfield a simple chair with all the answers a simple chair with all the answers
“Heathfield is the perfect little starter chair for children who require minimum levels of postural support when
seated. It’s simple yet unobtrusive design means that its fits well into nursery, school and home environments.”
We believe in wood as a natural material for our Heathfield and many of our other chairs. It holds a contemporary beauty that makes it aesthetically pleasing whilst being environmentally responsible. Our timber comes from sustainable sources and offers thermal properties that make it warmer to the touch. All our wood has anti-microbial properties ensuring that surfaces are kept hygienic. This is especially useful in multi-user environments such as nurseries and schools.

The Heathfield comes with a pelvic strap as standard and has a choice of two simple options; fixed or adjustable height arms and a contoured or flat seat.
Heathfield is the perfect starter chair for children from 2 years old to young adults who require minimal levels of postural support when seated.

• Highly adjustable for growth including height adjustable back
• Choice of high or low back
• Available as a static or mobile chair
• Unique moulded back to improve central alignment
• Ideal for school and home
• Wide range of accessories
• Available in 5 sizes
• Increased stability
• Seat height and depth adjustability”
“• Perfect for customisation
• Comes complete with moulded back
• Contoured seat
• A buckle pelvic strap and height adjustable armrest
• Comes complete with a buckle pelvic strap
• Available with fixed arms or adjustable arms







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