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Lay Prone Versatile Prone Positioning

Lay Prone versatile prone positioning

“Lay Prone versatile prone positioning versatile prone positioning
The Lay Prone is a universal prone stander designed for children from the age of 18 months old to young adult. High levels of adjustability are offered in the trunk, pelvis and knee areas. Sandals also adjust for dorsi and plantar flexion. The Lay Prone provides your child with the stability required to facilitate head control and help achieve increased range of movement in the upper limbs.”
The Lay Prone comes complete with a height and angle adjustable tray, bowl and cover as standard. The Lay Prone is a prone stander designed for children from 18 months old to young
• Vertical standing
• More adjustable
• Comfort & support
• Supports child at the feet, knees, hip and trunk”
“• Highly adjustable
• Controls pelvic rotation
• Locking castor feet adjust in length for additional stability
• Height and angle adjustable tray
• Available in 3 sizes
• Codes 1545, 1546, 1547







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