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Samba – Seating System With A Unique Midline Support

Samba – Seating system with a unique midline support

“Samba – Seating system with a unique midline support A seating system
with a unique midline support”
“The Samba is a highly adjustable hi-low, tilt-in-space chair that offers a unique midline support system for children requiring moderate to higher levels of postural control and is suitable for both home and school.
The midline support system incorporates a 4 point pelvic strap that effectively corrects the position of the
pelvis. This improves alignment and helps prevent rotation and backward tilt. The modular system also obviates the need for knee blocks.”
The Samba offers numerous adjustments. Height, width and angle adjustments can all be made easily and safely whilst seated in the Samba. The Samba comes with a pelvic strap, tray, Ferndale sandals, footrest and powered hi-low base as standard.
The Samba is a versatile chair; it can cater for a wide array of conditions (from mild to complex) and can have as much or as little posture support as required by your child.

• Powered hi-low, tilt-in-space
• Highly adjustable
• Gives moderate to high levels of postural support
• Unique midline support system
• Range of accessories
• Available in 4 sizes
• Size 1 is also available as a manual option
• Tailored to special needs
• Promoting postural control
• A multi-height solution
• Tilt in space”
• Understanding posture







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