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2nd Aug, 2022

Smart Education Is about to Take on a New Chapter with 3D Organon

Virtual reality atlas 3D Organon is the first fully featured atlas of anatomy in virtual reality. The experience provides a deep understanding of the human body through a comprehensive walkthrough.

3D Organon VR Anatomy – may be the world’s first fully feature-rich VR and MR anatomy software. The cross-platform, multi-user module may make it a game-changer in medical education. Teachers and students can experience immersive real-time virtual classrooms in this module, whether on-campus or remotely. Medical students can access a comprehensive library of 3D models, images, animations, and definitions using their own devices.

At Oculus Connect 3, Mark Zuckerberg referred to 3D Organon VR Anatomy, which has won numerous awards. Medis Media, which produces 3D Organon, was founded by anatomy instructors at Bond University, Dr. Athanasios Raikas and Dr. Panaigoti Kordali. The program’s quality can be attributed to their knowledge of anatomy and the highly skilled team of programmers. The company’s brochure describes 3D Organon as splitting into fifteen human body systems, consisting of more than 10,000 realistic anatomical structures, over 550 action modules of muscles and organs, cadaveric images, and microscopic anatomy models. A vital characteristic of this program is the ability to turn and manipulate the anatomical structures, observe them from all angles, and see how they interrelate in each system in this highly immersive environment.

Regarding experts’ experience with medical students, the 3D perspective makes it easier for them to comprehend the structure, where it fits, and how it contributes to the whole system. All structures are described in detail. There is an option to fade out the structures so students can focus on their placements. Besides offering fifteen languages and recording options, the program includes drawing modes to help illustrate structures as well as ways for instructors to share videos with students. It does not take long for the user to get comfortable with the VR controllers since the interface and action are highly intuitive. The company offers a great deal of content on its YouTube channel that helps visualize what the program can do.

Even laymen who don’t know the science of medicine can understand human anatomy from a 3D Organon app. The technology caters to a wide range of users, including medical and allied-health students, educators, healthcare professionals, patients, artists, and people who are simply curious about the world. It helps students understand the complex subject of anatomy yet is also easily understood by individuals without medical training. A visualization and exploration tool that would complement any anatomy curriculum.

By comparison, 3D Organon offers much more natural controls and functionality, and it was created specifically for VR. The 3D Organon program lets us view structures from any angle and even manipulate them. So, when it comes to VR programs that apply to medical education, 3D Organon stands out.

3D Organon has already been featured in the following universities: Western Carolina University Hunter Library, Eastern Carolina University William E. Laupus Health Sciences Library, California State University Fullerton, Temple University Ginsburg Health Sciences Library, Ruth Lilly Medical Library and Marian University.

The VR revolution has already begun in medical education. Learners can practice their knowledge and improve by applying it, allowing learning to occur outside of the classroom. As today’s learners expect autonomous, blended learning, this approach focuses on enhancing competencies. The use of VR will become mainstream as it becomes increasingly integrated into curricula. Medical and interprofessional education is about to undergo a seismic shift with the advent of genuinely interprofessional, lifelike simulation through technology that is not bound by geography.

Leader Healthcare always aims to be one step ahead of the game when addressing tomorrow’s doctors’ needs. The unlocked potentials of medical simulation teaching will be taken to a new level with 3D organon. Leader Healthcare has an ace quotient as facilitators of modern medical education that comes with the backing of technical brilliance. To learn more about our cutting-edge technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at marketing@leaderhealthcare.com.

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