17th May, 2022

The Crown Prince Center for Training and Research, Bahrain

The Crown Prince Center for training and research located in Manama, Bahrain has been very active in the sessions and training courses it provides since its inauguration on February in the current year.

The center is precisely designed to excel in training and to enhance the trainer and trainee experience with the space provided and the most innovative technology handed on a Silver platter to those who seek a futuristic approach to training.

It has been Leader Healthcare Group’s utmost pleasure to be a partner in this educational investment, where visions came across and collided in elevation of healthcare, create a safer environment for patients’ through constant training of the Healthcare Professions.

Among its 5 levels of training facilities, the first floor is dedicated to paramedics and emergency, while the second floor is dedicated to Multi-skills Lab full of task trainers as well as a library equipped with the latest technology, the third floor is the hospital medical ward as well and maternity ward, while the fourth  floor has been assigned for Military training area.
With cutting edge training technology, the crown prince center is ready to serve a full process of training technology, Hand in Hand with Leader Healthcare Group to stay updated to the latest technology for better future of patients and higher quality of healthcare.

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