2nd Aug, 2022

The Future of Smart Medical Education with Virtual Cadaver Dissection

Contemporary medical education relies heavily on a 3D understanding of human anatomy. Dissecting the body is a requirement in many medical schools. Globally cadaver availability is an issue that is constantly affecting medical schools. Using cadaver-less dissections with simulator software or virtual cadavers has been made possible by technological advancements that allow us to learn/teach 3D anatomy in addition to the traditional methods of presentation and rote learning.

The Sectra Table is a multi-touch screen that provides interactive learning. Users can also access a comprehensive anatomy atlas and model cases (medical images of coordinated clinical cases) and upload their own. Sectra offers a platform for adequate preparation and management of cases as well. Connecting Sectra Education Portal to Sectra Table enables Sectra Table to access a cloud portal that contains both private and public shares. The portal also offers Sectra sample cases. Reference cases can be personalized for individual instruction. In addition, various departments and academic institutions can organize collaborative projects through Sectra Education Portal. The Sectra Table platform also allows users to share interesting cases with others across the globe.

Researchers found that Sectra virtual dissection significantly impacts cognitive, diagnostic, prognostic, and information analysis functions. The algorithm used to handle the muscular system in the Human Anatomy Atlas program on the Sectra Table F18 Virtual Dissection Table has been praised by experts. In addition to the possibility of viewing realistic human anatomy, Sectra Virtual Dissection Table offers 3D touch control by panning, rotating, and zooming an image, the ability to measure distances in 3D volumes, arbitrary clipping planes, and cropping portions of the 3D volume, and many more features. Using a virtual anatomical table, students and teachers have the opportunity to use modern virtual equipment and access the educational environment of a medical, educational institution. The extensive library of clinical cases from Sectra Table features unique pathologies that are useful to students in forming professional competencies. Using Sectra, teachers can plan innovative educational activities and develop students’ practical competence.

A Sectra dissection Table is the best alternative to cadaver-based dissection when cadavers are not available or not enough. The method allows teaching institutions to expose students to the anatomy and hands-on practice while also enabling them to practice dissection repeatedly, thereby reducing the learning curve for students. Users can interact with the virtual body in 3D by touching the 46″ multitouch screen. This allows tactile learning to be facilitated, thus making learning more accessible. In addition, students and instructors can use the dissection Table for group discussions and exams. Because of the tablet’s touch interface and a unique format, they can easily exchange control of the table and facilitate communication.

Using Sectra Table, specialists can train with the same tools used by radiologists. You can view layers and systems in 3D, make annotations, and view body parts in real time, thanks to the many features available in the software. A magic marker can also highlight aspects of the body while teaching or presenting. In addition, the user can access a wide range of images conveniently from the education portal – from gross anatomy to images of radiology and ultrasound, up to those of histology.

With Sectra Visualization Table, a life-size 3D view of a patient’s anatomy can be displayed along with interactive natural-size visualizations from CT or MR images. Users can virtually dissect, segment, and peel away layers of tissue to visualize skeletal tissue, muscles, organs, and soft tissue. Learning about the anatomy, functions, and processes inside the body gives students a deeper understanding of their bodies. It also improves the quality of education. 


Sectra offers a whole new way of teaching anatomy to our students, making conveying vital anatomy knowledge easier. In addition, medical students benefit from interacting with 3D images of real people since they learn more about anatomy and can see how individuals’ bodies vary.


With the marvel of modern medical education, Leader Healthcare ensures a bright future for clinicians of tomorrow. We will be able to strengthen the clinical abilities of aspiring doctors and medics through Sectra. This revolutionary technology powered by Leader Healthcare shall hurdle all the challenges conventional medical education poses. For additional information on this product, please contact us at marketing@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.


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