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17th May, 2022

Thornhill Medical Donates Device to Treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services

The Canadian based medical device company, Thornhill Medical donated a ClearMate device to the Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services (DCAS) under the partnership of Leader Healthcare to contribute to the effectiveness of carbon monoxide poisoning treatment in patients.


The ceremony took place on Tuesday, January 29 at one of the largest Healthcare exhibitions in the world, Arab Health 2019 in Dubai. During the event, H. E. Khalifa Al Darai CEO of Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services (DCAS), formally received the ClearMate device from Kipton Lade, President & CEO of Thornhill Medical.

“We are proud to be putting our Live-Saving technology in people’s hands. I am certain this device will be of great benefit for the DCAS and their patients” said Kipton Lade.

The device was donated as part of the 15-Year Anniversary celebration activities the company will have throughout the year. Thornhill Medical believes treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning must be accessible, early, and effective and this year they are fully committed to share this vision and transform the healthcare industry.
The ClearMate is an innovative device for CO poisoning treatment developed by the company. It’s highly effective, easily portable, and inexpensive enough for wide distribution. It’s small as a briefcase, so it can be used in Emergency Rooms and Ambulances without taking much room so patients can be treated on site the moment they are diagnosed, taking out this poison from their blood cells as soon as possible and avoid the damage CO can cause to internal organs.
About Thornhill Medical (Regional Distributor Leader Healthcare )

Thornhill Medical designs, develops and manufactures technologically-advanced medical devices that further the ability of healthcare professionals to provide life-saving treatments. Thornhill Medical’s products provide solutions to problems once thought to be unsolvable.

The company’s products are in demand worldwide due to their innovative and unique design and functionality. For more information, visit ThornhillMedical.com or LeaderHealthcareGroup.com

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