Online Communion of Simulation Related topics provided by Leader Healthcare

Skills of Debriefing

Duration: 1.5-hour webinar

Discussing the process of providing effective feedback to students, and discussing Debriefing to deliver feedback, effective debriefing in the virtual reality.

Choosing simulation as a teaching method

Duration: 1.5-hour webinar

Discussing the various available teaching techniques with consideration of time, learning goals, and content to be taught in choosing simulation, the session will also work on exploring the advantages of simulation as a teaching technique and other challenges applicable.

The Role of industrial partners in the Paradigm of simulation centers

Duration: 1.5-hour webinar

Exploring the essentials of creating a simulation center with consultation of the industrial partners in allocating spaces, and various other resources, how do they help and what can they offer?

Moulage & Realism

Duration: 1.5-hour webinar

1 hour webinar of the Importance and the different essence moulage brings in in the fidelity of the simulation. in this webinar, few techniques of creating different types of truama is explained and demonstrated to asist you in adding Realistic factors into your moulage.

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